500g Protein Packs

500g's raw weight* of delicious flavour-infused proteinto use as you please. Add your own carb sources, or add to a salad, use for pizza toppings, put into sandwiches, wraps, nachos… The options are endless…

*cooked weights will vary for each pack.

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"This meal is delicious! From someone who is rehabilitating from an unhealthy food addiction - this meal could single handedly convert me back into the healthy eater I once was"


Can’t beat the basics. Simple but effective. Delicious!


Tasty lite classic meals and no more cooking for me… Can’t wait to try the other meals available… Love it!


This might be Muscle Fuel’s best dish. Lovely spice to it and a nice range of veggies, love the rice blend. So much better than standard white rice by itself. The chicken is beautiful and flavour spot on. I order this one every time without a doubt now.